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My eyes can no longer see your smile,

Yet my heart still feels its warmth
My ears can no longer hear your voice,
Yet your words are etched into every day
I can no longer hold your hand,
Yet it still guides my every step
What we see, hear, touch is only temporary
What we feel and learn and love is eternal...
You are always with me


For our part we will NEVER forget what a remarkable young woman Hawthorne was and how LUCKY we were that she touched Ian, Alex and our lives!!! 

Rob and Christine Bartell

precious memories,how they linger
how they ever flood my soul
in the stillness of the midnight
precious sacred scenes unfold
precious memories,unseen angels
from somewhere to my soul
how they linger ever near me
and the sacred scenes unfold......memories (trad.)

uncle john

Thank you Frank for sending on that poem and the remembrance of dear Hawthorne. I was fortunate to have been one of her instructors and still remember her wit, intelligence, her smile, humor and great

And I am also thankful for the words you sent for they bring comforting thoughts of the loss I experienced two years ago this month on the 26th, of the passing of my dear sister Ann. She too, is always with me.

Paul Missal
Thinking of Hawth, missing her sweet spunky self. 

hi frank
thank you for continuing to email me each and every year on this date, i appreciate it.  i very much appreciate and am deeply grateful to have known your beautiful daughter, i learned so much from her in her short time here on earth.

All week I've been thinking of hawth in certain dive bars in se, in the house in ladd's, in that hippie shirt she made me buy.. And my cat has taken just this week to chowing down on the foliage in our yard and making herself sick. My heart still remembers her so well and I always loved this drawing, thanks Michele, Frediani and all involved in this shirt.

Lauren Ranke
click on picture

Ten years ago today one of the most magical humans to grace these walls, let alone this earth, left us. She lived a mere 29 years but I swear she packed about 99 into them. Take a moment today to glance up at the framed foot near the coffee bar. That's her artwork. She was an artist. She was also a cook. A drummer. A seamstress and a sage. She was anything you needed her to be in your moment of need.  She believed in you. She looked for the goodness in everyone and everything. Another dear friend to this place, Janet Champ, once wrote to me: "How can someone be so exasperatingly naively blind to the harsh realities of the world, so child-like and without cunning or experience, and then how can that same person blithely walk all over all the experience in the world, all the rational and the sane, the old and the boring, the blind and the soulless, and show herself to be so completely unbeatably knowing and in control? So wise in her soul? So effortless in her ability to see whatever it is she saw?" I don't know the answer to that, I just know she was special. Ten years is a pretty long time, but I swear it was just yesterday she was here with us, making us better. She's still here in artwork on the walls and ink on my arm. LeFore is putting out a t-shirt in her honor that will hopefully break Ademar's 'Advertising Sucks' sales record. Buy one or don't. If you really want to honor her, just pack as much as you can into your life today. You'll be exhausted by the end of it, but at least you'll have lived.

Jeff Selis

can hardly believe its been 10 years. still, her magical energy, beauty and fun, quirky ways are still very much with all of us.

thank you for sending these notes each year, i hope you are doing okay.
all the best

Hawthorne Hughes
Hawthorne Hughes
Hawthorne Hunt never met Hawthorne Hughes, but I'd like to think she would've approved of her spitfire namesake. The original Hawthorne, gone 10 years, so hard to believe. Forever in our hearts, our souls, and front + center in one little lady's name.

Kimberly Harington

Today I think fondly of Hawthorne and her delight in the world. When I am faced with a decision, I literally say (out loud, as I have for 10 years now), "What would Hawthorne do?" and it is always the funnest, most adventurous, bold way to go. I am getting older and am unsure if I'll ever have children myself, but I vowed at her memorial service that if I ever did, he/she would be named Hawthorne. Her spirit is alive in all of us! Love you, Hawth!

Kat Trout

I stumbled upon the W+K t-shirt and information about Hawthorne by chance today. I knew Hawthorne in the early 1990's and she lived in our house near Ladd's Addition for a bit with Jeffy. I had lost touch with her and had no idea that she had passed away. What a shock! What sadness. Hawthorne was such beautiful, positive, funny, amazing woman - she was so lively, it is hard to imagine that she is not here. I remember the last time that I saw Hawthorne vividly: she stopped to give me a ride when she saw me walking in the rain. It was so nice to see her! It had been years. That was just Hawthorne - of course she would pull over and take the time to give someone a ride she hadn't seen in years - most people would just keep driving. She was working at W+K at the time.
I am so sorry that she is gone. She was loved by so many and it's so wonderful that this site is here for people to leave their thoughts. Thank you.

Andrea Manning

I still think about her. I hear her laughing; remember her refreshing sweet bluntness.

Leslie Jones

A bit of humor.
If it wasn't for you I would not love my Friday night martinis.
You are the one
responsible for Bombay Sapphire.
You would like Magellan also . 
When i look out on the siltez bay
at full moon you are there.
I think you know that

Wish we had more time together

Christine Gardner

I can still hear your laugh in my head. I still think of you every time I see a blue jay. Dude,
you're all over the place! When I'm frustrated with a million trivial or not-so-trivial things in
my life, and I want to just give up or run away and hide somewhere, I remember that you're not
here. At least not here physically. And in honor of all you shared with me the seemingly short time
we knew each other, your strength and courage and kindness and sense of humor and your crazy
joyfully pure giggly silly free spirit (That I always admired from afar), I'll never give up. XO

Melanie Meyers

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