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When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure.

On the following pages are some thoughts and comments about Hawthorne which were offered  by her family, her many friends, and the many  people she touched.

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You are Elizabeth
You are Hawthorne
You are Hawth
You are a fantastic cook
...a kick-ass drummer
...a gifted artist
...a writer,
a mechanic,
a photographer,
a lover of all cats,
an incredible friend,
a sister,
a singer,
a daughter,
a girlfriend,
a best friend,
a beauty to behold,
a fighter,
a hero
and so much more

Many knew you, many loved you.
I had it the best of all
because I got to be your dad.
You will be missed tremendously
but never forgotten
   --Daddy  09.29.2002 

your strength is an inspiration
a gift undeserving
your beauty is breathtaking
rendering me absolutely inadequate
in your presence
your energy overpowers me
in your absence it warms my soul
while i wait to feel the glow
of your beautiful grace
shining upon me once again

sending you so much love today, hawth.
Jessica Allen


click on image to see some of her art

Hawth - 
You have always said intense things, casually blasting us far deeper than the mundane, forcing truth in to the moment. That's my favorite thing about you. 

You will always be an influence upon me. 

I love you. 
Lauren  Ranke

I only met Hawthorne briefly when we went into W+K with our daughter, Jan Meyer. Hawthorne was there, and we had no idea that she was so sick. She seemed like a lovely girl with lots of   enthusiasm.  However, her impact on Jan has been enormous. Jan talks of Hawthorne often, and how bravely she has let go of so much future while still making the absolute MOST of her past and present.  Speaking as a parent, I can only imagine what her family has been going through, and my husband and I join in wishing you peace and love with the memories of your beautiful daughter. 
Wendy Best


At Pho Van


Port Townsend

Before Chemo

A beautiful light shines in another place now.

Bless you on your journey, Hawthorne.

With Love,
Jim  Perry

May the 
sun shine upon you,
all love surround you,
and the sweet light within you
guide your way on.

Traditional Blessing

Joe and Anne Superfisky


I knew of Hawthorne for several years but only met her briefly. She was right there and in full command when my son Jamie had a terrible hiking accident. A vibrant, strong gal who will be missed.

Mary Pat Thompson 

The first day I met Hawthorne I fell in love with her. I knew instantly she would be an important person in my life. Anyone who knew her could not help just digging her. She had a self-assurance and a gorgeous light inside her that many of us can only dream of. She LOVED life. And she was adored. I had a great time showing her around Europe when she came to stay with me in Amsterdam. We went to Venice together and had BIG fun. After dinner one night we were stuck in a thunderstorm complete with torrential downpour...and we were far from the hotel. We decided not to wait it out in a doorway but to run all the way to the hotel in the storm...and it was a long distance to run through the labyrinth that is Venice. Leave it to Hawthorne to have a flawless sense of direction. We made it back, completely soaked, lightning splitting the black sky, laughing our asses off. It is one of many memories of my friendship with Hawthorne - and it is one of my favorites.  I know that now she is the brightest star in the universe. And when I look into the sky she will be shining brighter than any other star there. And I will always remember her light. 

Jill Tomlinson 

Hawth never really liked this picture (taken at McDuff's), but I always did

   I met Hawthorne almost 15 years ago. She was a teenager and came to work at Nature's. I wasn' t quite old enough to have been a mom to her, but I was too old to really be a peer. But, as all of you know who know Hawthorne, she was always able to cross over beautifully into all sorts of categories, classes, ages, whatever. She made an immediate impression with her incredible smile, crew cut, and confident spirit.
   My contact with her would come and go throughout the years. She played a bit  of a matchmaker with me and my now husband, who also worked at Nature's. So thank you for that Hawthorne. 
    What an incredible blend of gifts she gave to all of us! I remember one time she house sat for us. My mom called from Arizona, and she answered the phone, "telephone". My mom got such a kick out of that, she would still ask me about the "telephone girl.
   I loved Hawthorne, and  feel so lucky to have known her. My husband and I had dinner with her last month. I will cherish that hug.

Leslie Jones 

I'm not even sure how to express how much Hawthorne has influenced my life. I was instantly impressed with how she could be so adult and so incredibly youthful at the same time. That happened when she was just a teenager. And again just a month ago. She was able to see exactly how things were and also just how they should be, and she would tell it like she saw it. This ability of hers was a major force in getting my wife and I together. This is just one of the ways she touched our lives.  I remember at one point Hawthorne was moving out of town. We hadn't seen much of her but I felt a great loss, like having your kid move away from home or losing your best friend. At the same time we were very excited for her and knew our paths would cross again.  Last time we saw Hawthorne, about a month ago, she was the same as always - positive, insightful, creative, a vision of strength. The world was before her. Tonight my wife and I cried for hours after we read that Hawthorne had moved on again. Hawthorne, you are truly one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Your energy will continue to enlighten our world. You will never be forgotten.

Love, David Wolf 

click on image for larger picture

I hardly knew Hawthorne, but her impact was huge.  I admired her energy and her positive attitude.  I couldn't help but have a smile on my face when I was around her.  Even now when I see her pictures on this site, I smile as the tears fall.  She was a fabulous human being and although her life was short on Earth, I have a feeling she lived larger than many who make it to 100.

Karen Greene 

My memories of Hawthorne are those of seeing the pride in her mother's eyes...of sharing October birthday dinners with her and her mother...of seeing her brilliance and energy...of hearing of her great achievements...of viewing her artistic talent...of seeing how she touched the lives of those around her.  My heartfelt thoughts go out to her family and friends, to all of you who had the chance to meet and know Hawthorne.  She leaves a special place in so many people's hearts. 

Brandi Stewart 

I miss you already Hawthorne. I'm so lucky to have met you. It is a sad day on earth, but a joyous day up in the heavens. The angel Hawthorne has already formed the band. God Bless Hawth, her family and friends. 

Becky Johnson

She knew the way

Dear Hawthorne,
My  dearest memories...  you as the most beautiful baby.... such a loving cousin and friend to Ian and Alex.  teaching  your auntie what a REAL martini should taste like !  (Sapphire of course).

Sunday morning as I looked over the Siletz Bay and thought of you, an eagle flew overhead.  Your spirit flew with it.

Love, Auntie Chris 

Dear Hawthorne,

I'm so proud to have been your friend.  Some of my earliest memories feature spending time with you.  Even at age six you had the most amazingly creative ideas and plans.  I was always in awe of your sense of adventure and your limitless imagination.  I look forward to seeing you again in my dreams. 

Darcy Roane 

You saw the world so innocently and spoke so honestly,
may we all be more like you.
I will miss you. 

Shari Eiesland

Boat ride to Alcatraz
click on image for larger picture

I just heard about Hawthorne's illness and recent crossing to the other side.  I was Hawthorne's babysitter for about 3 years.  I used to call her Hawk and now my son Ian's nickname is Hawk.  (nicknamed by his grandfather - but what a coincidence) 

Hawthorne was the brightest child I'd ever known.  She was willing to learn anything and learn it FAST.  The first person to ever solve the Rubix Cube for me and she did it in record time.  She was a vibrant personality, even at age 6.  Her mother and father truly adored her which was proved by their devotion to her.

Although I have not seen her in years, I feel the pain of her passing.  I understand the loss of her friends and family and wish that I could help them through this most difficult time.  Just know that she is in a much better place, free of pain and burdens.

Marianne Ferguson (Johnson)

I can't find the words right now.
Just know I love you Hawth.
-- Jennifer Smieja

Hawthorne, You were a Joy to be around.

Jo Marie 

You were such a beautiful star.  I will never forget your light. 

Tess Bethune 

There are no words to describe the sadness. Your daughter is one of the most beautiful, optimistic, giving, funny, tough, smart, talented, inspirational, loving, caring and wonderful people I've ever had the opportunity to know. I will take away so much from how she lived her life - so alive and wondrous, full of fight and enthusiasm. She never lost her innocent, childlike wonder. I will appreciate my life, my family, my friends every day. I will never forget her, and I will cherish the memory of the person she is for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving her to us. If you ever need someone to talk to, reminisce with, have lunch with or anything at all, please do not hesitate to call me.  My heart goes to you both, more than I can express in words. 

Love, Melanie Myers Mattison

Photo from wieden+kennedy Wall Gallery
click for larger image


I walked over to your Mom's house on Sunday.  It rained the entire time.  It felt so good and clean.  I rounded the corner to the house and the sun peeked out.  I know it was you.  It rained the entire walk back to my house.  It was great.  We will miss you so much and we will see you soon.  I am proud to be your cousin.  You inspired me to be a better man.

Jack, Tina, Gabriella, and Gianna Hanselman.

I bought that sewing machine we talked about and made a wizard costume for Zach this weekend.  I almost made one for you too, but realize that you've always possessed the character of the wizard & have never needed the publicity...  Wizards inspire - - -  Wizards transcend - - - Thanks for being your magical you to my whole family and to everyone around you.
Love, Alex Flagg

You were the drummer. You kept the beat. You picked the song, and the rest of us were along for the ride. 

I remember meeting your dad, it was a brief meeting, one of those tours of the agency, he might not remember, but we shook hands and looked each other in the eye, and I thought, "So. This is what a great dad looks like." Then I thought, "Holy Jesus, he's MY age." 

Now I have two little daughters, and I hope and pray they grow up like you did. With wonder and love and in constant awe of the world and appreciation of things most people take for granted. 

bob moore 

Hawthorne developed her goofy side at an early age (with some encouragement)

Hawthorne, we only shared a few moments when working together at W+K, but I think I was laughing the entire time. Thank you for touching my life with that contagious smile. I'll always remember.

 Mike Mitchell 

Frank, as I was thinking about growing old and hitting the infamous age "65" on our mutual birth date, I gave thanks once again to God for allowing me and Bob to remain here for another year.  I thought I need to find a really "appropriate card for Frank.  I am sorry I was not aware that Hawthorne was ill and sadder to learn of her recent death.  My memories are of her in the earlier years of her life  through your stories of the joy she brought to you even as a young child and her pictures you always were displaying.

Perhaps this poem will give you a view that  God does work with a definite purpose.

    "God saw she was getting tired, a cure was not to be,
     So He put his arms around her and whispered, "Come with Me"
     With tearful eyes we watched her suffer, 
     Although we loved her dearly, we could not make her stay.
     A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest.
     God broke our hearts to prove to us
     He only takes the best.

Sue and Bob Zimmerman

I'm a friend of Jill Tomlinson's and only met Hawthorne once.  But, I thought she was a wonderful human being.  My heart goes out to you.

Joann Bianchina

I was very saddened to hear the news.  It's been several years since we worked together at W+K, but I never forgot your smile and your spunk.  You have a light that shines so bright.  You made a difference in so many lives.  You will never be forgotten.

Tove (Petty) Durbin 

Dear Mr. Hunt,

This past July 4th our daughter Jennifer and her friend James Thompson came home for a visit.  They had spoke of Hawthorne and her struggle with this terrible illness. What was talked about more than the disease was what a wonderful girl she was.  It was evident this cancer would never be bigger than her life.  Jennifer, who didn't know her well, said Hawthorne would always be an inspiration to her.  We assured them Hawthorne would be our thoughts and prayers, as she was throughout the summer.  How proud you must be as a dad to have raised such a gem of a daughter.  How fortunate  for her to have a mom and dad to carry her from birth to death, and to do it so wonderfully.  To say we were saddened to hear of her passing is an understatement.  The love her friends have for her is evident.  But even people, like us, who really didn't know her feel her loss and grieve with you.  May you find strength in knowing you were good and loving parents.  She reached hearts in Chicago.  Please give her mom our deepest sympathies. 


Andy and Mary Jo Frydl

Port Townsend
click on image for larger picture

i will remember Hawthorne as the center of her father's universe and i will continue to think of her every time i read good night moon to sam as i hold on to him just a little tighter.

maureen stadter 

I am an alumni from PNCA and was a new student her senior year, so I didn't know anyone at the college. But one of the things I remember is Hawthorne's 1000-watt smile. I can't imagine the brightness of the smile or the woman dimming. Certainly she is shining for all of us at this moment. My thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to her parents, family and friends.

Michele Trames

Thinking my thoughts of you

Who is this girl 
David says I must meet
Printmaker, student, teacher, friend
Who earned his respect and affection

Thinking my thoughts of you

Curious girl
So young and alive
Dishwasher, artist, waitress, musician 
So honest and giving and real

Thinking my thoughts of you

Inspirational girl
Offering all that she has
Laughing, sharing, caring so much
To help and create and live

Thinking my thoughts of you

Enduring girl
So strong and brave
Loving, learning, determined in life
Beautiful  in every dimension

Thinking my thoughts of you

Spiritual girl
So much to give
Her heart, her strength, her will
Touching our lives so deeply

Thinking my thoughts of you

Enduring girl
Our hearts cry out
Purpose, words, loss, remorse
Eternal in our thoughts and prayers

Thinking my thoughts of you

With Love,
Kristi Nelson

At Starbucks


Although your presence in our physical world was way too brief, rest assured your spirit will endure as your ever growing circle of friends will carry it for generations to come. 

We must remember that we can still continue our conversation with you with our thoughts and prayers without speaking or writing a word. 

Peace & Love,

Russell Hollenbeck 

Thing's I remember about Hawthorne:

Swimming until our heads were full of water

Monopoly games that lasted for two day's

Tromping in the mud and rain

laughing and being silly until it  hurt

Robin Bodwin 

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in a manner so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.
                                     -- Native American Proverb

This proverb rings so true for our Hawthorne and her beautiful life.  God she is so amazing. 

Love to all, Liz Sullivan

On Saturday I was in St. Louis, and I was so very sad 
I decided to return to Portland that night. 
I since have learned of Hawthorne's passing.
I am comforted knowing I was near 
I am amazed that I was at the MAX Transit station near her Mothers house at or near the time she passed.

Hawthorne, to know you is to Love you

Jean-Pierre Veillet 

An artist with opinions even at two
click on image for larger picture

Forwarded by Maggie Brenneke:

Hello Maggie,
How are you doing. I have been thinking about you quite a lot this week.  I miss you and I hope you know how much I love you.  After going to Hawthorne's web site I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and feelings.

When you first meet Hawthorne you obviously recognize you are in the presence of beauty and are in the company of someone very interesting.  She was not two dimensional and was certainly not "in the box".  She sparkled like a star and smiled like Chester Cheetah from Cheetos.  What a joy to have known her.

The one thing that moved me most about Hawthorne was how she made me think.   Unfortunately it usually lasted for only a few hours after I saw or talked to her, but I believe I am better off for that brief stint of enlightenment than not. She made you question things, anything, yourself, the status quo, or just things.  I am going to try and keep that for myself, try to duplicate that experience because I don't naturally see the way she viewed the world.  I will miss that more than anything.  I feel it is  important to try and see things the way she might.  I am sad we don't have direct access to her anymore, but I feel honored to have known your cousin Hawthorne. I learned from Hawthorne and hope that can be said of me someday.

Maggie, smile like Chester, think like Hawthorne might think from time to time, and continue to be your wonderful self.


JJ  (Jeff Johnson) 

Angie, thank you.  Hawthorne's illness and passing is the worst thing I have ever heard.  I wasn't really close with her, but we had lunch a couple times, and an occasional beer together.   Here's a Hawthorne story.

One weekday afternoon, Jed and Kim were struggling to find a babysitter for Oak, and I was their last resort.  So I agreed to drive up to their house on Hewitt after work that day in their vehicle (as you know, I didn't have one while I lived in Portland).  Jed left me a set of keys, and told me where I would be able to find the car in the lot next to Dekum.  When I get
to the parking spot where the vehicle is supposed to be, I realize that they left me the Saturn, rather than the Jeep.  The problem?  The Saturn had a manual transmission which, despite my Detroit upbringing, I did not know how to drive.  I panic briefly because I'm supposed to be at their house in less than half an hour, and then I go racing back into the agency to find somebody who could help.  It was pretty empty that afternoon, so I had to look around quite a bit.  A couple people couldn't do it, others didn't know how to drive a stick either.  And then, I ran across Hawthorne.

Now, I had a dilemma.  Do I emasculate myself and ask Hawthorne, clearly one of the beautiful women at the agency, and someone I very much wanted to impress, if she could drive a stick?  Or do I just let Oak take care of himself?  So I sheepishly asked  Hawthorne, and of course she knew how to drive a stick and of course she would do me a favor.  So we make it back to the car in no time, and I realize that even though I had been to Jed's twenty times or so, I really didn't know how to get there.  So Hawthorne not only had to drive me to my friend's to baby-sit, but she also had figure out how to get there based on my obscure, unhelpful clues.  Of course, we got there without any problem because Hawthorne knew where to go.  And she never brought it up again--she just did me a favor and left it at that.

That's my lasting impression of Hawthorne--beautiful, strong, and kind.

I'm sure she has had the same effect on most of the people who crossed her path.

Angie Vieira on behalf of Larry Gies 

I met Hawthorne on a trip to Japan when I was 14 years old.  Hawthorne and I were room-mates at an art camp in Sapporo and had such a great time together!  I felt so hip and cool with her!  I loved her enthusiasm, her laugh, her curiosity.  Hearing of her death made me so sad....Her memory makes me happy. 

I Love You Hawth!

Erin Neill-Liddell

At McDuff's

On New Year's Day, 2000, I went to brunch at Hawthorne's house where she made one million crepes and many pounds of bacon.  I felt lucky to have been invited, as I had only lived in Portland a year and didn't know her very well.  She was so warm and spunky and put me at ease instantly.  And the food was delicious. 

At the time I was living in an apartment in northwest and unsure of how long I would stay there.  A conversation with Hawthorne's great friend, Danielle Flagg (who had recently bought a house), made me realize I should buy a house while in Portland, even if I eventually moved back to New York.  The next day I began looking and in a week I had found my house.  A week later I met my future husband and we are about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  I won't be moving back to New York.

I always think of that brunch, which was lazy and magical and lasted until dark.  It was the beginning of the best part of my life.  I attribute that turning point to Hawthorne, who welcomed me into her magical world.

With great sadness, and lots of love,
China Forbes

Hawthorne had one of the all-time great laughs. It was deep and then giggly and more than anything it was true. If she had a courtesy laugh (which I doubt), I never heard it. Her laugh persuaded me. To do whatever. She mentioned going to a drive-in, which sounded nice, but not until we laughed about it did we decide that it just had to be done. So we went. Hawthorne was like that. She was up for anything and did everything. I miss her so much. You're a beautiful spirit, Hawthorne, and I hope to be with you again. Thank you for shining on us.

Brian Ford 

Hawthorne,  I may not have known you as long as others, but the time I spent with you will bring me joy for the rest of my life. I feel sorry for people who never met you. Those of us who have lost you at least know what it was like to know you, talk with you, be close to you and share in your energy. And that is a true blessing. Even through your illness you seemed stronger, healthier and more positive than most. You were a joy to be around. You were brave and beautiful. You created heaven all over the place. And now they must need an angel like you up there.  I will miss you and I love you.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for being a part of mine. My love and my heart for you.

alan charing 

Lord Periwinkle @ McDuff's

Warm Remembrances:
The Beastie Boys, cats, babysitting then going up and spending our profit on brownies & Italian sodas (with cream) at Johannsen's (Alameda Cafe), pasta with pesto, lots of laughs, and tons of fun!

I haven't seen Hawthorne in quite some time, but I'll never forget the last time I did see her - we ran into each other downtown and it was as if not a day had passed since we saw each other last.  An incredible friend, old or new.

With the utmost warmth & compassion,

Marisa Hirata (Eivers) 

Dear Hawthorne,

i remember when we and a handful of agency people went out one summer night to watch a meteor shower at the darkest end of sauvie island. the six or seven of us were all on our backs and looking as far away as we could and i remember you saying things that i wish i had said, making me laugh hard and making me happy to be in a place like that with a person like you, you are a very funny woman and i miss you very much.

during my three years at wk i know i made you angry a couple of times, i remember this because when i crept up to tell you i was wrong and that i was sorry that you'd accept it and forgive me and thank me. i know that you must absolutely be one the most understanding women to ever have walked this planet.

when i was in a rut and needed to switch careers you helped me put together that book that got me my first gig, enabling me to realize a dream i had been dreaming for years. i will never forget that you were there when i was starting over, when i needed help the most. You are a very caring and wise student of the human condition and it's a shame that there are not millions like you, but that is simply impossible. 

i am very sad and angry that i will not see you again, that i will not be able get that out-of-control-smile i get whenever i see your beautiful face. 

thank you very much for helping me along my path, my heart and soul will never, ever forget you Hawthorne.

i love you dude, bye for now.

paul mitchell 

With one of her many kitties
click on image for larger picture

Forthright and luminous,
There is a vacuum 
And the elements rush in to fill a void
Transforming the season you've created

Our world can hope to inherit your Artistic Certainty

Quintessential Hawth is 
when it is good, you know it
And let it be known. 
That infectious Hawthorne brand 
Of enthusiasm - the essence of cool.

I remember you with wings on your back.

You will guide us, speak to us
As we fly through our lives.
After years of basking in your magic 
We can act upon the lessons you have given us.
Here you will continue to ROCK.

Todd Aschoff 

A while ago I was in town from Japan visiting friends at W+K.  I was waiting for the elevator.  The door opened and three women were getting off.  The one with a bald head and colorful tattoos said hello to me.  My first thought was how cool it was to be back in Portland and see interesting people...but I didn't want to stare, so I shyly smiled and went on my way.  That night you sent me an email titled, "Its me" and the text explained that you were the bald girl who had said hello.  I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I didn't recognize you.  A few days later I saw you again and you came up to me and gave me a big hug and said it was OK that I didn't recognize you.  That's just the kind of girl you were.  Turning an awkward situation into something we could laugh about.  Thanks.  I'll remember that always.

LTA (Lawrence Teherani-Ami) 

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