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Kimberly Harrington, one of Hawthorne's many friends has made perhaps the ultimate gesture of love and respect.  She has named her daughter after Hawth.  Hawthorne Charlotte Hughes was born on July 6, 2006 and, by the latest reports, is living up to her namesake.  We love you, Kimberly (and of course, little Hawthorne too).
Hawthorne Charlotte Hughes and Mom
Kimberly and Hawthorne:

Below is a recent entry from Kimberly's blog:

Friday, September 28, 2007 

The Original Hawthorne.

On my to do list is "Hawthorne's poster for school", which is a little project her room is doing this year. Family, pets, likes, dislikes, that sort of thing. I did a similar one for Walker 2 years ago. So last week, I thought I'd go to Hawthorne Hunt's memorial page and download a photo of her so I could include it. Because it's become clear in the last 15 months that although I'm used to hearing the name Hawthorne (and for a girl, no less), the rest of the world ... or the rest of this part of the world anyway ... really isn't. I thought it'd be nice for people to see that my Hawthorne is named after another Hawthorne.

I was taken aback at the timing of my random visit when I realized that the 5th anniversary of Hawthorne Hunt's death was just a couple days away (now, as I finally write this, it was last Friday the 28th). I should want to say "I can't believe it's been 5 years" ... but I can. When we went to her memorial service it was only months before we'd move away from Portland for good (although we didn't know it yet) and at the end of one of the shittiest years we've ever had. A lot has happened in 5 years. A lot.

We chose to name our daughter Hawthorne because, to us, it's a confident daring name for a girl. We wanted a name that had meaning for us and provided a strong calling card for her. We have many friends and family members who love her name, several who've politely accepted it, and some strangers who crinkle up their noses at it -- right in front of me. Anyone who hasn't met her in person thinks she's a boy, based on her name. But we chose it because the original Hawthorne embodied much of what we'd hope for in a female role model. Someone who is positive and creative and strong and connected and smart. She had a bunch of tattoos, she was a kick ass drummer, and an incredible artist. When I was leaving Wieden+Kennedy, I wrote Dan and David a thank you note for letting me work at such an amazing place. And I asked Hawthorne to design it for me. I still have it. She formed the text into a heart and printed it on newsprint and was happy to do it. Because she loved working there too.

For the first few months of our daughter's life, I was worried that maybe we saddled her with a name that she could never quite own. I had a hard time actually saying it at first, because it seemed so strange to be using this name for another person ... especially my own daughter. 15 months later, the awkwardness and worries are gone. Our Hawthorne is freakishly strong, just giggly enough (although you have to work for it), feisty as f-ing hell, and she has stars in her eyes and a knowing grin. Who knows if she will be creative, who knows if she will cover herself in tattoos, who knows who she will be as she gets older. I can only hope for the basic things that any parent would hope for: kindness, happiness, and --with a heavy heart and a hopeful soul--good health.

Hey Hawth. You keep popping into my head, as there seems to be a family of blue jays setting up camp in our back yard. Every time I see one, I smile with you. On September 28, 2007, five years since you left us for bigger things, I was sitting on an airplane waiting to take off, thinking of you. I looked out the window, and there you were. A huge, beautiful rainbow. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures so everyone could see it. I miss your giggle and send your spirit a huge hug.

Melanie Myers

Why is it the most inspirational, talented, warm and loving people infect our lives and inspire us and then go away? I can't say I knew her as well as most of you-but I was there for a lot of the memories I've been reading about on these pages. I can't think of anything good about her being taken away from us except that that group, our group, her group of people in that building we called W+K is home to the most loving, talented and beautiful people I've ever had the privilege to be associated with and I hope whatever little bit of time we got to spend together has impacted us all as much as Hawthorne did. I'll never forget what those memories did for my life.

Bret Ridgeway
Hawthorne i had dinner with your mom last night..
..it's one of those wonderful septembers again...
your mom is doing well....alex and ian are both
married..you would be pleased...nearly six years
my wonderful memories are vivid and deep

joy drummer
at the end of the summer a butterfly lit in the garden
no monarch she-no this unique creature was immeasurably more beautiful
so much more delicate and yet so hardy
she drew sustenance from the surrounding butterfly bush blooms
her coloration so original...intense and clear briefly radiated our garden world
at the end of the summer on a wondrous day
perched there
brave heart beating
an enthusiastic salute
a rapid tattoo
joy drummer

her spirit a wand touching the peter pan in us
her rhythmic heart a gem box brimming with sparkling treasure
her mind a magic combination which opens all doors to those wonderful
secret and hidden rooms

alighting on the end of a butterfly bush blossom
pixie like
wings now in slow motion
a tattoo of color
pixie like
dancing sprite
faerie ways

fall is near

she struggles to finish all that's undone
the butterfly is a committed participant in life's race
but she does not toil or labor...she doesn't make art WORK--she creates art LOVE

she is the storied different drummer whose cadence we all yearn to hear
sister to all

briefly in our garden

taking to flight wings drum hopefully..dancing
splendid companion the visit so brief
help us keep on dancing
spiraling in the clear bright light

keep illuminating our lives with your incandescent spirit wings

with your drumming heart
cover us with that butterfly dust
blessing woman
drummer of joy


prance from blossom to blossom
hover over us
blessing woman

yes at the end of summer...at the time of the last bloom a butterfly touched us


fall came

the butterfly bushes' blooms receded into the coming colorless winter
but october is the home of glorious sunsets
occasionally just before approaching twilight the butterfly can still be seen in the garden sunsets' glow


drumming her wings as if to announce---i'm still here----just look

belief is the only requirement
she's dancing
dancing here

for Hawthorne fall 2002
love uncle john

John Gardner

THawthonSlide.jpg 7.0K
It brings tears to my eyes. I will remember her (and you) today.

Eric Pieper

To Hawthorne's family and friends,
Thinking of this special woman on her 6th Heaven Date, hope today is a gentle one filled with the wonderful memories of Hawthorne.


oh i miss her so.
sweet spunky beautiful artist and best friend.
love to you.
Tparkave.jpg 13.7K
Park Avenue, NYC
I always remember. I have thought a lot about Hawthorne this week. The day she left this world an eagle flew over our beach house.  Yesterday morning that eagle was perched in the tree above our house.

We think of her on a daily basis and she will NEVER be forgotten.

Rob & Christine Bartell

Thank you for sending the picture of Hawthorne on to me and the lovely poem. I am so grateful to have been a part of her life.

Blessings Hawthorne,
Paul Missal ( her Basic Design teacher )

I always love when I get these [rememberance notes] from you. I'm always surprised it's been another year for you and your family without Hawthorne on earth. You know her spirit is always with you and protecting you. I hope life is good for you and you are honoring Hawthorne by being happy.

All the best.
Becky Johnson

Work Phone

My best wishes to all of Hawthorne's family and friends. I didn't meet her in person but have learned that she was an amazing individual. Enjoy the sweet and precious memories and visions.

Brian Ray

Listening to the Stones right now & "She's a Rainbow" is playing and I can't help but think of Hawthorne, so I had to get online and post a comment...

Papa Frank & Family - my heart goes out to you all, another year goes by and you think it will be easier but it's not.

Love & Peace to you all...
Liz Sullivan & Family

"THE SHOE"  (more images here)

So, the chalk shoe. Hawth used to pop by my office in 4 SW to chit chat. (Typically, she would smash her chest up against the glass to get my attention, she had a pretty smokin' rack.) Anyway, she came in one day and I had this big box of chalk sitting there with a very blank chalk wall. She picked up the blue and just whipped around and drew a shoe. Then we decided she should draw a leg with the shoe. Then a sock. She added flowers. Then she colored some of the flowers in, but then had to leave to do work stuff. Over the next few weeks, I'd color some, she'd come by and color some more. I loved having that on my wall when she was going through treatment and when she died. My goal was to keep it and take it home with me one day, but I think Hawthorne would be really, really happy to have it hanging in the very center of W+K, at the coffee bar where she always used to hang out, for lots
of people to be reminded of her often - rather than just one. I really miss her, and I miss seeing that shoe every day.


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