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As we love you,
So we miss you.

Remember 2009

Miss you Hawthorne, woke up to a blue jay screaming its head off this morning, driving to your CD on LOUD. Rock and rooolllllllll!

Melanie Myers

Thinking of you and your family today. Sending love from our family ...

Every time I look at pics of her on your site, especially those of her as a little girl, my heart just breaks all over again. When she died, I lost a friend and someone I just really admired and enjoyed. But now that I'm a parent, I just can't imagine what you have been through and continue to go through.

I definitely took your comment to heart earlier, about giving my little H a big hug and holding her close. It's good to be reminded, it's so easy to lose sight of the big picture when bogged down in the day-to-day.

Take care + much love,

Kimberly Harrington

I remember her everyday, but mostly today. Hugs!

Kate Brenneke

Hugs to all of you. I remember that day.
Our hearts are with you.

Susan McNeil Spuhler

Two years ago, I wrote about a rainbow I saw on this day, as I sat on a plane thinking about Hawth. Just thought you might like them. 

I love the shoe photos you put on the site! Made me smile.

Sending you a huge, warm hug today!

Melanie Meyers


God bless hawthorne. Thank you for sending.

Becky Johnson

In our hearts she is still "ROCK'N" . .not a day goes by that we don't think of her!!!

Rob and Christine Bartell

Parents should never have to outlive their children, I remain saddened at the loss.


Bob Vomaske

My thoughts are with you and Hawth.

Take care today.

Michele LeFore

Thanks for sending every year. Thinking of Hawthorne always puts a smile on my face.

Shari Eiesland

I was thinking about you yesterday as I was driving my truck, through the rain, with a U-Haul full of furniture towards Grand Rapids.  I cannot imagine how you must miss your Hawthorne!  I was struggling with driving my little girl, to her new home, 160 miles away and was chastising myself for feeling so melancholy.  While it was difficult for me to leave Kristen there, my “Father’s” heart goes out to you on this very sad anniversary. 

I wish I had words to express my deep feeling (and admiration) for you.  You have helped give me an example I can aspire to for keeping a positive and energetic outlook on life.  I have thought back many times this past summer about the truly wonderful time I had with you back in June.  It seems that, from the time I returned, it has been a constant parade of ‘busy’ stuff (work, Kristen’s move decision, home remodel & Julie’s Dad’s surgery) that I have not had much time to correspond with you.

I hope that in some way, your memories of Hawthorne can be warm, funny and vivid.  I must admit that I have no life experience that would help me to identify or understand the emotions you must be feeling.  I do know that, again with my “Father’s” heart, I would gladly carry away some of your sadness.  I hope that by my remembering her and honoring your memories of her, that I can accomplish that goal.

Know that Hawthorne, you, Mary, Emily and the rest of your family will be held in our hearts this night, tomorrow and often.

Your Friends,
Eric & Julie Pieper

six years old 22nd Street back yard2

I've been thinking about you all week, like I do every year this time of year, and randomly met an
old friend of yours for the first time at a dinner the other night. We shared all kinds of stories
of you and it was so good to think about you and hear your goofy giggle in my head. The next day, I was sitting in my backyard enjoying the most beautiful sunny Portland fall day, thinking about you.
Once again, a big, beautiful blue jay flew down to stand in our tree and stare at me for a while. I
miss you and hope they have a good drum set where you are.

Love, Melly

Sending you my thoughts, love and prayers as you remember beautiful Hawthorne on her Heaven Date.  A big hug

yo Hawth
miss you


I thank Kimberley for posting the link on facebook today:

I only worked with Hawthorne a little at W + K, and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her
socially. The thing that always impressed me about Hawthorne is how much respect she gave to the
people she worked with and the work they produced. It did not matter what the project was- she
respected the process and the art.

Socially, she was just fun to be around. She was funny and full of life. I feel lucky to have known

Scott Ruberg

I still miss you so goddamn much.

Jeff Selis

Hawthorne....your cousin Ian and his wife Lindsay were blessed this July ...she's an angel.. her name is Austen Hawthorne Gardner...we miss you so...

uncle john
Austen Hawthorne Gardner

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