Emily Thi-Ly Hunt
February 2009
Age 7 Years

At Family Fun Night at the athletic club where we belong,
Emily tried out climbing the rock wall.  She had never
shown any interest in climbing, but took to it immediately.
The wall is 30 feet high and the guy with the rope does
NOT hoist you up.  Emily must pull with her arms and
push with her legs and pick the best route to the top
where the goal is to ring the cow bell.

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climber_01a.jpg 47.3K
climber_01b.jpg 59.3K
climber_01e.jpg 53.9K
climber_01f.jpg 48.5K
climber_02b.jpg 45.8K
climber_02c.jpg 59.9K
climber_03b.jpg 58.3K
climber_060.jpg 59.7K
climber_06b.jpg 68.4K
climber_06c.jpg 65.6K
climber_070.jpg 65.9K
climber_07a.jpg 52.1K
climber_07c.jpg 50.6K
climber_07d.jpg 41.8K
climber_11.jpg 67.4K
climber_113.jpg 46.0K
climber_117.jpg 58.8K
climber_11a.jpg 59.6K
climber_11c.jpg 49.5K
climber_11d.jpg 55.6K
climber_129.jpg 49.6K
climber_131.jpg 40.9K
climber_133.jpg 30.6K
climber_135.jpg 56.4K
climber_137.jpg 52.7K
climber_139.jpg 54.3K
climber_15.jpg 64.3K
climber_185.jpg 50.9K
climber_187.jpg 44.0K
climber_189.jpg 48.3K
climber_191.jpg 55.3K
climber_193.jpg 58.9K
climber_195.jpg 52.8K
climber_196.jpg 45.1K
climber_197.jpg 51.8K
climber_21.jpg 58.4K
climber_21a.jpg 49.2K
climber_23.jpg 65.7K
climber_25.jpg 57.6K
climber_25a.jpg 40.8K
climber_27.jpg 30.4K
climber_27a.jpg 34.5K
climber_31.jpg 32.1K
climber_31b.jpg 17.2K
climber_31c.jpg 46.2K
climber_31d.jpg 33.1K

climber_39.jpg 17.9K