Travel Notification
Received Thursday, April 25, 2002
This is the e-mail that says we can go to Vietnam to pick up Emily
Fw: green light YIPPEE
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 09:24:32 -0700
From: "David Slansky" <>
     To: "Mary Hunt" <>

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Hi Mary and Frank,
You have the green light to travel to Vietnam.  Let me copy the text of Beth's message to me.  I have attached the statement that she is talking about for you to sign, fax, and carry with you.  Please call me at the office in the morning if I have not already called you.  Best and happy regards, David

RE: Hunt, Kawahigashi, Pham, Wirka, Boyd/Wilbur, Donavan, Cadogan and Maeda: 
The above cases are approved. We would like the families to arrive as soon as possible (in the next two weeks). The families should plan on three weeks minimum in Vietnam (their itineraries should show them leaving in three weeks!). Please let us know which hotel (Somerset or Claudia) that the family would like to stay at. Also let us know whether one or both parents are traveling. If only one parent is traveling, the spouse must bring an authenticated Power of Attorney to the Spouse. Please send the itinerary as soon as possible. 

Attach is the form that we would like the families to sign and fax to us at (848) 8224556. We would also like a letter from the Social Worker, Program Director or Agency Director (US agency). The letter from the agency should state that they have spoken to the families about the current situation, that the family understands the form that they are signing, that they could be delayed over the three weeks required, and that they understand that IMH will not be held responsible for any costs related to these delays such as legal fees, hotel, etc.

Families that have not paid their fees should do so at this time. Please send a cashier's check payable to IMH/FCVN and express mail to FCVN, 1562 Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80203.

My email has not been working properly lately so I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you receive this email and informed the family.

Thank you. Beth