Emily Thi-Ly Hunt

2013 Post Placement Report

Child’s Vietnamese Name: Nguyen Thi Ly

Date of Birth: 14 October 2001

Date of this Report: 13 November 2013

Province of Birth: Hanoi - Phuong Hang Bong

Orphanage: Cau Giay Feeding Center for Orphans and Malnourished Children, Hanoi


Adoption approved by Decision no. 571/QHDT from date: 08 May 2002 of the Hanoi People’s Committee


Full Name of Adoptive Parents:     Frank H. Hunt, Jr. and Mary C. Hunt

Child’s Name after Adoption:         Emily Thi-Ly Hunt

Present Address:                            


Emily recently celebrated her twelfth birthday.  She is in the sixth grade at Jackson Elementary School.  She is doing very well academically and receives “Exceptional” ratings in nearly every subject.  Academically, she is interested in music, art, mathematics, reading and science.  After school, Emily attends BLAST (Bringing Leadership, Arts & Sports Together), a local Parks and Recreation program.  She continues to grow and thrive – she is 60” (1.52 meters) tall and weighs 86.2 lbs (39 kilograms). 


Outside of school, Emily’s interests include computers, reading, art, games and gardening.  She also enjoys visiting and playing with her niece and two nephews.


Enclosed are the following pictures from the past year:

  1. Receiving an award at school
  2. Being silly with some noodles
  3. At the Fourth of July parade
  4. Music lesson at school
  5. At the Oregon coast
  6. With her flower garden
  7. Decorating the house for Christmas
  8. Helping dad wash the Corvette
  9. Hiking
  10. Relaxing in a park
  11. Portrait