Emily Thi-Ly Hunt

2009 Annual Post Placement Report

Child's Vietnamese Name: Nguyen Thi Ly

Date of Birth: 14 October 2001

Date of This Report: September 2008

Province of Birth: Hanoi - Phuong Hang Bong

Orphanage: Cau Giay Feeding Center for Orphans and Malnourished Children, Hanoi

Adoption approved by Decision no. 571/QHDT from date: 08 May 2002 of the Hanoi People's Committee

Full Name of Adoptive Parents:             Frank H. Hunt, Jr. and Mary C. Hunt

Child's Name after Adoption:                 Emily Thi-Ly Hunt


Emily will be eight years old this October and is attending public school.  She is in the second grade and doing very well.  Her favorite subjects are reading and recess.  Emily has many friends at school and her social development is proceeding well.  Emily's activities outside of school include art, reading, computers, building structures with her toys, dance and swimming lessons.  This year she may start piano lessons if she continues to be interested.


Emily is a very healthy, active, growing child.  Her height (49" - 1.245 Meters) and weight (53 lbs. - 24.04 Kg) are age appropriate.



Enclosed are the following pictures:

  1. Portrait
  2. Fall in Dawson Creek Park
  3. Receiving an award at school
  4. Helping Dad paint the fence
  5. Miniature golf
  6. Swimming lessons