Emily Thi-Ly Hunt

2006 Post Placement Report

Child’s Vietnamese Name: Nguyen Thi Ly

Date of Birth: 14 October 2001

Date of This Report: September 2006

Province of Birth: Hanoi - Phuong Hang Bong

Orphanage: Cau Giay Feeding Center for Orphans and Malnourished Children, Hanoi

Adoption approved by Decision no. 571/QHDT from date: 08 May 2002 of the Hanoi People’s Committee


Full Name of Adoptive Parents:             Frank H. Hunt, Jr. and Mary C. Hunt

Child’s Name after Adoption:                 Emily Thi-Ly Hunt


Emily will be five years old in October of this year.  She is an active and inquisitive child.  In the past year she has learned how to use a computer to play learning games on the Internet and do artwork.  Her interests continue to expand now including art, computer play, building structures with Lego blocks, making up stories and playing games.  She attends pre-school three full days each week and continues to be an active participant there.  Our family is in the process of moving to Michigan and Emily has spent some time there this summer.  She also traveled to Disney World in Florida with her family.


Emily continues to develop at an excellent pace.  Her language skills are ahead of many of her peers.  Her art skills continue to advance.  She continues to attend pre-school, now four days per week.


Emily is a healthy, active, growing child.  Her height (42-1/2” – 1.08 Meters) and weight (41 lbs. – 18.6 Kg) are age appropriate.


We have enclosed photos of the following:

  1. Emily’s Pretty Hair
  2. Emily with Dad at Disney World
  3. Emily reading a book to her bunny
  4. Emily Jumping at the Oregon coast
  5. Emily relaxing at the play park
  6. An example of Emily’s art